Why does the Library need donations? Aren’t my taxes enough?

Annual budget appropriations from the City of Quincy make up about 95% of the Library’s spending each year. This funding covers basic operational expenses like salaries and benefits (about 75% of the Library’s total expenses), utilities, essential building maintenance and repair, and nearly all of the collections. It doesn’t cover public programs and events, technology maintenance and upgrades, or improvements to furnishings and fixtures. Your donations to the Foundation make all the difference between an adequate library and an excellent one, able to innovate in response to changing community needs.

With your donations, the Library can:

  • create inviting spaces enriched by the latest technologies
  • experiment with pilot projects, like laptops for in-library use
  • provide and maintain early literacy activity areas for young children
  • offer comfortable furnishings for all ages


How are the Foundation’s funds administered?

The Foundation manages all donations, and makes funds available to the Library Director to spend on materials, services, technology, and capital projects in line with the Library’s Strategic Plan.


Are my donations tax-deductible?

Yes, the Thomas Crane Public Library is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization; the Foundation's tax ID number is 04-3297875.


What is the difference between the foundation and the Friends of the Library?

The Foundation conducts major fundraising efforts targeting individuals, corporations/businesses, charitable foundations and other community organizations, via special events and campaigns, planned giving and annual appeals.

The Friends of the Thomas Crane Public Library are a membership organization that raises money via small individual donations and annual membership dues, and sales from the Crane Library Bookstore located at the Main Library. The Friends provide funding for Library programs and events, and for discounted museum passes, upon request by the Library Director. The Friends also engage in political advocacy on the Library’s behalf.


How can I get involved with the Foundation?

The Foundation is always looking for volunteers to help with events, and to serve on the Board of Directors. Get in touch–we’d love your help!